Back Pain

The Alexander Technique has a long history of solving problems of back and neck pain. It provides an alternative to other interventions which can tend to be palliative and only work for the short term.

  • If you have a chronic back/neck condition, either as a result of injury or general "wear and tear"
  • If other interventions have failed to help your situation
  • If you are you interested in exploring a solution which does not involve manipulation, massage or a radical change in lifestyle

Then a series of sessions with us can teach you how to self-manage your condition. 

Back pain is a common symptom of what Alexander Technique teachers call "mis-use". Mis-use is a way of habitually moving and responding which to some degree or other works against our our innate design.

When our structure becomes "dis-integrated" by continually moving in this way then musculo-skeletal pain is often the result.

Individual sessions in the Alexander Technique demonstrate to you the actual degree of choice available in the way you move. You discover that consciously exercising this choice can have a powerful, positive affect on your back pain


You are gently encouraged to a new level of awareness of your habitual movement patterns and what causes them. You are guided to a repeated experience of moving in a non-habitual way in response to simple everyday tasks.

This process brings about a change in your overall muscle activity. Gradually you become able to meet the demands of your life with a spine which is generally and genuinally tending to lengthen.

Your way of moving and responding to the demands of life now encourages your musculo skeletal system to remain organised and integrated. In this way you learn - in a practical manner - to avoid  those patterns of movement which stress your system and which are one of the major underlying factors of chronic back pain.

The Alexander Technique has a unique understanding and approach to musculo- skeletal problems which is not offered by other types of intervention.