Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

Have you suffered some form of musculoskeletal injury, the after effects of which continue to cause problems?

Have you developed some restriction in your way of moving following an injury, which is causing you to develop other problems?

Are you in chronic pain from an RSI/Occupational Overuse type injury?

Individual sessions in the Alexander Technique provide a sure basis for relearning how to move after injury. This aids the process of healing and also allows you to safely pursue exercise and rehabilitation programs.

Over a lifetime we all suffer injuries of one kind or another. These injuries may be severe and radically alter the way we can live our lives or they can be apparently mild and we are soon "back on track".

Both scenarios - and all those between - demonstrate the ability of the body and mind to somehow adapt to the event and carry on. In the initial period after injury our mind and body do their best to survive. We learn what's possible and what's not. We learn to move in new ways and to protect those injured areas of our system. This is all as it should be.

Subsequently things can become problematic. What we have learnt during the time immediately after injury may - subconsciously - come to redefine the way we move. In protecting ourselves from the memory and expectation of pain we can become reluctant to move in ways which are outside these new patterns of movement. 

If these new patterns of movement have not taken into consideration our inherent design then we can - with the best of intentions - end up working against ourselves. Even exercise programs undertaken in this way can become problematic, failing to prove a sure path to rehabilitation or even causing new injuries in the process.

Our approach will help you develop some body intelligent solutions to these problems. You will develop appropriate skills of self management to avoid the occurence of re-injury and chronic pain.