Individual Lessons

Learning the Alexander Technique is a process which continues over time. It requires individual tuition from a qualified teacher and a committment on your part to explore new ways of moving and responding. 

We primarily give lessons in the Technique on a one to one basis.

Group classes are reserved for a general introduction to the Technique or for a group of individuals who share a common interest in its application ie: musicians, office workers.

Teachers of the Alexander Technique are trained to be conscious of their own patterns of movement in a way which provides them with a unique quality of touch and skill in the use of their hands when working with pupils.

Generally teachers use their hands to bring a particular pattern of movement to your attention and to then promote a more beneficial alternative. This does not involve manipulation, spinal adjustment or force.

The first lesson lasts for 1 hour. You experience what the Technique is about, ask questions about how we may be able to help you and receive some beginning guidance on how to move differently and deal with your problem.

Subsequent lessons last for 45 minutes. We encourage pupils to have at least one lesson a week and make a committment to a series - optimally 10 lessons.

Some health funds provide cover for lessons in the Technique. If you are a member please contact your health fund and enquire. We also offer discounts for lessons paid in advance.

Normal clothing is all that is required for lessons, generally something that you feel free to move around in. 

Please contact us to arrange an initial session or if you have any further questions.

We offer a discount of $10.00 if you download this voucher and bring it to your first lesson